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Real estate


Our firm is engaged in diverse areas of commercial civil law and has leading departments in litigation, real estate and urban renewal.

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Business Trading

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Labor Law

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Real Estate Law

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Execution & Bankruptcy

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Construction Project

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Construction & Urban Renewal

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Inheritance & Will 

-Office Staff-


Oz Amit, Adv

He holds a BA in LL.B. from Tel Aviv University, 2001. Specialization with the late Avner Amit attorney and with Justice Kobi Vardi.


Tomer Pressler, Adv

heads the litigation & corporate division.  He is a renowned expert in his field.


Alon Chen, Adv

heads the real estate & business division.  He is a renowned expert in his field.

-Our Clients-

Moran Yarin

Undoubtedly, I made the right choice, especially from the north, to Attorney Moshe Wiesel's office.

Ofir Sheffer

Alon Chen is a rare Mazen advocate who combines professionalism, determination, assertiveness.

Daniel Matan

I was privileged to be a client and to know an excellent lawyer who is also a person who is sensitive to people's hardships and works for them with professionalism.

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